UI/UX service

UI/UX service

With an ever-rising number of firms competing for customers every day, creating a digital identity online for your firm can prove to be an effective solution. However, this process may appear to be difficult, or even intimidating. Using the right tools and strategies, digital marketing successfully creates a brand name for your firm and manages your customer base. PSD-HTML CSS is one of the most popular ways of making websites. PSD-HTML is a workflow where a Photoshop Document (PSD) or Pixelmator is converted into code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) for creating a webpage. The web developer not only converts the idea of a webpage into a functioning code, but also adds aesthetic value by retaining the features of Photoshop.

At Zotahi, we have a group of software developers who will engage with your project with dedication and diligence. Our user-friendly tools can be customized to meet your company’s needs to create a brand name for your firm. We take your ideas and vision and transform them into a package that will hit a chord with the audience online.

Tools for PSD- HTML CSS

  • Adobe Photoshop to design the idea of your webpage in high-pixel quality
  • Slice-tool to divide the Photoshop Document’s imagery and export for display on the web
  • HTML or CSS coding to display the imagery exported from Photoshop on the webpage

Unique Features of our Tools

  • Efficient and user-friendly tools
  • Reliable and highly secure solutions
  • Innovative imagery designing
  • The quality outcome in terms of websites
  • Presence over multiple forums

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